3 marks of excellence

With the update 9.1, users were able to earn the insignia, attracting the attention of other gamers: 3 marks of excellence. They distinguish skilled players, showing their high skill level. Three marks of excellence mean that the enemy tank displaying them is owned by a very skilled player and extra caution is advised.

How to earn marks of excellence?

When thinking about how to get 3 marks of excellence, a person should know for what they are issued. Three marks of excellence are assigned to a specific tank if the owner is in 5% of the players who have the best performance on it for a fixed period.

The game automatically calculates the amount of damage, spotting and assisted damage.

Differences in battle

During the battle, 3 marks of excellence WoT are displayed on the guns. Marks of excellence have a different design, determined by the model and nation of the tank. If desired, the account owner can turn off this function in options.

Players with this distinguishing mark attract the attention of others, as everyone is waiting for the skilled gamer. 3 marks of excellence on the guns inspire fear among enemies, and the allies are always ready to respect and follow such a tank.

Where to order boosting?

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