F.A.Q. The most popular questions

1. Where am I? What's the site? 

kolobanov.pro is a service of leveling of accounts on World Of Tanks.

We are pleased to offer you a large selection of proposals for leveling of tanks, performing MISSIONS, Credits farm, XP Grind, distinctive marks and more.

2. For whom these services will be appropriate?

  • For all those, who wants to get the desired result without loss of time and nerves.
  • For those, whose time and nerves are more important!

3. How does the site work?

  • You place an order and pay for it.
  • We are looking for a driver for your order.
  • You are waiting for the end of the order, doing your own business.
  • Get all the information on your order (Replays and Screenshots). 

4. Why do you need my data?

We need login / email and password to enter the hangar. After the order, be sure to change the password.

5. Could my account be stolen?

We are interested in a satisfied customer and further cooperation, NOT in your account.

6. Who plays on my account?

Professional players, who have been in this game since its release to the market. The performance of these players is impressive.

7. What payment ways are present?

Payment passes through the international payment system UnitPay, Payment passes through the international payment system .

8. Can I play while upgrading my account?

Yes, certainly. When ordering, you specify the time when the account will be free.

9. Do I have to change my account password after leveling?

We suggest to change.

10. I've placed my order. What are my next actions?

Expect to be contacted through the contacts you have left.

11. What guarantees can you provide? How can I trust you?

  • Read about the guarantees in more detail here - Our Guarantees.
  • Reviews of satisfied customers can be read here  - Reviews.
  • We use a secure SSL connection. All data, that you provide, is secure.
  • We accept payment for orders only through the payment system UnitPayNo direct transfers to personal wallets, cards, etc.
  • We are the draft of website Wotspeak.org.