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Experience Grinding

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You can order experience grinding on any tank tier 6 and hiegher

Where to order XP grind?

If you don’t want to waste time on farming WoT experience, kolobanov.pro will help you solve this problem. Our clients only need to choose the appropriate bundle and pay for the service. Our professional players will boost your XP in a short period of time, and your account stats won’t be affected (probably even upgraded).

One of the most important World of Tanks processes is farming experience, without which it is impossible unlock new tanks, get better equipment and earn respect of other players and clans. Gamers are usually trying to solve this problem by providing themselves with a sufficient amount of XP. There are some methods that can help you gain XP fast and easier.

Why do I need experience?

This resource is used to unlock modules and unlock new stuff. Participating in battles, gamers get a certain amount of XP, which is classified into three types:

  • From tanks: can be used to get equipment parts and unlock new tank tiers;
  • Free: can be spent on unlocking any module or tank, is not bound to a specific nation, tank type etc.;
  • For crews: can be spent on improving crew skills and unlock new perks (a well-trained crew with 5+ perks can make a huge difference in a battle).

The more successful the battle is, the more XP the gamer will get. Therefore, the World of Tanks experience farming requires suitable tanks that can deal some very high damage and allow superiority over enemy tanks.

Tanks for farming

If you want to get more XP, you are recommended to buy premium tanks for gold. If you use these tanks in a battle, you are guaranteed to get 50% more resources. This makes battles more profitable, and even if you lose a battle, you’ll get a boost.

If the player doesn’t want to spend money on premium tanks, he can choose ordinary tanks for XP farming. Basically, these are regular tier 6-7 tanks. They use cheap ammo, but are already capable of dealing 2000-3000 damage per battle when used by experienced tankers. For example, experienced gamers love the Soviet T-34-85, which despite its thin armor is mobile, has great gun and high DPM (damage per minute).

Premium account, first wins and personal reserves

The following project features will help you gain more experience:

  • Premium account: brings 50% more resources income per battle;
  • x2 multiplier: when your tank achieves  first victory of the day, the multiplier adds +100% XP;
  • Personal reserves: you can enter the store and get boosts for performing tasks; they are valid for a couple of hours, and there are also the ones that increase XP.
Duration - from 50,000 experiences per day

What happens when ordering “Experience Grinding” service?

  • Win rate: on average from 55% and above
  • Performance rating: from 1600 and above
  • Average damage: from 2,000 to 4,000 (depending tank tier)
  • WN8 per session: 2500 - 5000 average WN8 per battle

You get a bonus

  • Improved statistics (% of victories, average damage, PR and WN8)
  • Medals and achievements
  • Crew leveling
  • Ace Tanker and personal missions done

Conditions for Experience Grinding service

  • The presence of 100 gold (for changing additional equipment)
  • The minimum order is 50,000 experience
  • During the duration of the contract you  cannot use the tank on which we are grinding XP
  • The ability to install additional equipment (if needed by our staff)
  • You must have an active premium account
  • Duration of griding: from 50,000 experience per day or more