How to get marks of excellence in WoT

Players love to brag about their achievements to others, and because of this they are looking for ways, to get marks of excellence in WoT. After adding them in 2014 with update 9.1, many have the opportunity to earn the distinction, proving their skill using specific tanks.

Now getting marks of excellence is a priority for some, reason why they play every day.

Why do we need marks?

Marks are assigned to accounts that have the best statistics on a specific tank. They help to distinguish a really skill player from other tankers. Getting marks of excellence is a very difficult, requiring regular practice, constant victories and that is not an easy task.

The number of marks of excellence can vary from one to three, and the more there are, the more skillful the gamer is considered.

How to get them?

Farming marks of excellence is not an easy task. The system monitors statistics on tanks every day from tier 5 and above. Statistics is drawn and a player can get one, two or three. If a person wishes to know how to earn marks of excellence, he must know the criteria:

  • One marks of excellence is issued to users who fall in 35% of the best WoT players using this tanks;
  • Two marks of excellence - 15%;
  • Three marks of excellence -  5%.

The main criteria for determining the most skilled players are two parameters: damage done and assistance in destroying the enemy. More dead/damaged opponents, the higher the chances to earn this distinction. It is issued indefinitely, marks of excellence can be turned off in settings.

Ways to make more credits

If a person is interested in how to get marks of excellence, he can use a number of proven methods:

  • play on a tank no lower than tier 5, which he owns perfectly, since this is more likely to cause 2-3k damage to the enemy;
  • use tanks with a high penetration and big damage;
  • go into matches in a platoon: together it will be easier get marks of excellence, and also creating bigger chances of winning the battle;
  • use our services to achieve desired level of marks of excellence.

Where to order marks of excellence boosting?

If a player needs to get marks of excellence, he can contact the service. Professional tankers with vast experience will take over.

The client will need to provide data from the account and inform which vehicle needs to go into battle. As a bonus to this, customer is guaranteed improved statistics and credit farming. You no longer have to think about the marks of excellence and how to get them, but you can enjoy them. Hustle free.