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Where to Personal Missions grinding

If player does not want to waste his time and effort, he can contact our service, which will grind Personal Missions 2.0 for money. The client will be able to choose specific positions from the list, but for this it will be necessary to provide certain tanks for participating in battles.

The service will be carried out by a professional tanker who will complete Personal Missions 2.0 and also boost account statistics. The customer will be able at any time to see the status of his order and receive a detailed report after completion.

Personal Missions are a great way to test your skill in the game, as well as earn exclusive tanks that will help you to enjoy WoT even more. Since the start of the Second Front campaign, Personal Missions 2.0 have become the primary goal of many tankers, however in order to complete all the challenges, you must have great experience and have a decent number of tanks in the hangar.

IMPORTANT! If you have a "bad" tanks in the hangar, consult with our staff before ordering!!!

Tanks for Personal Missions 2.0

  • UNION - WZ-111 5A, 113, WZ 132A, ИС-3, Т-10, ИС-7, Об.277, Т-54, Obj. 907, Obj.140, Т-44, Т-34-85, Obj. 261, 212А, СУ-14-2, T-100ЛТ
  • BLOCK - Maus, E100, E25, E50M, E50, Leopard, Tiger, Panther, RU 251, G.W. E100, G.W. Tiger, Grille 15, Type 5 Heavy, STB-1
  • ALLIANCE - Hellcat, M4A3E2, T110E3, T110E4, T110E5, T57 Heavy, T92 HMC, M40/43, M53/55, T69, FV4005, FV 215B 183, T49, T32, T29, Super Conqueror, Caernarvon, M41 Walker Buldog, T71, Conqueror GC, FV3805, Centurion AX, Cromwell
  • COALITION - AMX 50 100, AMX 50 120, AMX 50B, AMX 13 90, AMX 13 105, FOCH 155/B, BC 155 55/58, Lorr. 155 58, TVP 50/51, Skoda T50, Strv 103B, Strv 103-0, Kranvagn

Conditions for "Personal Missions 2.0 grind"

  • There are 100 gold on the account for changing equipment
  • A premium account is active/Enough credits to complete the Personal Missions
  • There are 2-3 types of equipment, each branch of the Personal Missions
  • There is gold on the account to reset perks, at the discretion of our staff
Personal Missions 2.0 list and innovations

In August 2018, Wargaming added new combat missions called the “Second Front” to the game. Despite the fact that their general structure is similar to the first season, the list of Personal Missions 2.0 is endowed with a number of changes:

Redesigned progress system displayed during battle. Once in a battle, a gamer can open an information window where the current status of an active mission is displayed. Also, as you progress, animated notifications pop up at the top of the screen.

Large-scale challenges designed for several battles. Progress earned in the current session is saved and carried over to the next match.

A system of blueprints has been added, which are issued for completing the final task in the branch. Having collected everything, the player will receive a unique tank.

Now sections are classified not by type of tanks, but by nation.

If a player wishes to see his progress in Personal Missions 2.0,  he needs to open the “Campaigns” section in the client’s hangar menu and select the necessary category from the list of tasks. The “Second Front” contains three sections, in which there are four branches with fifteen missions each:

  • Union - USSR and China tanks;
  • Block - German and Japanese tanks;
  • Alliance - USA, Poland and Great Britain tanks;
  • Coalition - Italy, Czechoslovakia, France and Sweden tanks.

For finishing the final challenge in each pack, a blueprint and an order form are issued. Orders help to skip any task, marking it as completed.

To complete each mission it is necessary to fulfill a certain condition, for example, to destroy ten medium tanks of the enemy. In addition to the basic requirements, there is an additional condition, the fulfillment of which doubles the progress: if a gamer does not die in battle, two killed MTs are counted as four.

Award tanks

Finishing the tasks in the sections, you can get the following tanks:

  • Excalibur - British tank destroyer, tier 6, good firepower and a good HP pool;
  • Chimera - a medium tanks, tier 8 British, good mobility and medium damage;
  • Object 279 (p) – tier 10 Soviet heavy tanks, using four tracks for movement, has a great terrain traction and an accurate, powerful gun.

If the user has not completed some tasks and is going to buy Personal Mission 2.0 grinding just to obtaining Object 279 (p), you will need to order the full implementation of all sections. It is forbidden to take Challenges to the next tank until they are completed to the previous one.

Ways to get through

It is advisable to start with easy tasks that will work out quickly. For a successful mission, there will be given a fixed amount of credits and experience; they can be spent on your needs. It is also a good opportunity to get order forms in order to skip unwanted challenges in the future.

Choose tanks for missions that have been proven to have the best potential for them. It is advisable to comply with additional conditions that facilitate the achievement of the desired result.

Many positions in the Personal Missions 2.0 are aimed at interacting with the rest of the team, for example, helping the allies inflict damage by spotlighting the enemy. In such situations, it is advisable to go into battle in a platoon. Platoon members should work solely to achieve their goals.

Having extensive experience in WoT, having the necessary tanks and the support of friends in the hangar, the player will easily pass Personal Missions 2.0.

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