Personal Missions Campaign 1.0

Despite the fact that the campaign 2.0 has already been added to the World of Tanks long ago, many tankers have not yet managed to complete the first Personal Missions Campaign 1.0 . Moreover, because the set of tasks on StuG IV is quite easy, and it does not require a high skill of the game play, then going for Obj. 260 tasks WoT become almost impossible. In this article, we will tell you more about what sets of tasks of the first campaign are like, share tactics, and also talk about awards.

Task rewards

Task rewards complete the Personal Missions World of Tanks if the developers did not give out solid rewards for them. For each successfully completed mission, the tanker receives a prize in the form of credits, consumables and other valuable loot.

However, the most valuable reward is the premium tanks, issued for completing groups of tasks for different types of equipment:

  • StuG IV - German tank destroyer, tier 4;
  • T28 Concept - American tank destroyer, tier 7;
  • T55A - German medium tank, tier 9;
  • Object 260 - the Soviet heavy tank, tier 10.

And if the first two tanks are not particularly valued among gamers because of their not very outstanding characteristics, then for the rest some would spend months in battles. Many players dream to go through Personal Missions WoT only for the sake of German and Soviet top tier tanks.

T55A and Object 260 give a great advantage during the battle due to excellent armor and great armor. And since they are premium, the credit farming is much more effective than on conventional tanks.

Features and structure

Personal Missions have a rather complicated structure, which you should get to know before trying to get through them. It is immediately worth noting that missions for different tanks are not connected in any way, and the user can proceed to them in any order. For example, in order to successfully complete the Personal Missions for Obj. 260, it is not at all necessary to complete the blocks for the previous tanks.

For each tank in the game, there are 75 tasks. They, in turn, are divided into five blocks of fifteen pieces, and each pack is available only for a certain type of tank.

Any mission contains basic and additional conditions for fulfillment. As a rule, a tanker will need to inflict a certain amount of damage, damage modules, kill crew members, destroy tanks, etc.

The most difficult task in Personal Missions 15 is the task in the block. You can start it only after completing the previous fourteen, and its conditions are the most difficult. The tanker receives a crew member, credits and a token as a reward. After collecting five tokens for the tanks, a new tank appears in the hangar as a reward.

Tactics for completion

If the first two sets of missions do not cause any special difficulties, then how to fulfill Personal Missions for Obj. 260 is the main topic here. No less difficult are the tasks for obtaining T55A. They will require the player to be fully committed and use their skills to the fullest.

To independently complete as many personal tasks as possible, it is advisable to use following tips:

  • Play only in a platoon with friends: participation in platoon makes battles easier to win. Take into account overall progress for some tasks which require platoons to solve;
  • During the battle, it is not necessary to storm the enemy head-on: some tasks have “survival” and “absence of damaged modules” as prerequisites;
  • You should take only the tanks that you know how to perfectly control: if it is necessary to inflict a certain amount of damage, it is better to take a less lethal, but more familiar tank in use - this is especially true when passing the Personal Missions for the T55A , in which it is impossible to take damage;
  • It is necessary to go to battle with a trained crew and with a full set of consumables. Often boosted perks and used repair kit save lives and serve as a guarantee of victory.

Following these rules, the player can easily meet the conditions of the tasks and successfully complete them.