Marks of excellence in battles

A few years ago, World of Tanks developers introduced marks of excellence, helping to discern skilled players in the midst of battles. Now the distinction is appreciated among gamers, and everyone wants to get it.

What do the marks mean?

Marks of excellence in battles is issued for a certain tank from tier 5 and above to players who are TOP in terms of damage and spotting for a certain period of time. The more damage was inflicted, as well as the enemies spotted, the higher the chances of receiving a reward. It is issued indefinitely, assigned to a tank and cannot be transferred to other tanks. The number of marks of excellence varies from one to three, they are assigned according to the following principle:

  • One marks of excellence is issued to gamers, included in the 35% of the best players on the server;
  • Two marks of excellence - 15%;
  • Three marks of excellence - 5%.

How to get marks of excellence?

You can earn marks of excellence in a battle in the in the:

  • Team up with friends and in platoon try to win in all battles: when playing as a platoon there are more chances to inflict more damage and win;
  • You can earn marks of excellence only on tanks that you own;
  • Using a lot of gold shells, which have higher penetration;
  • Resort to the help from a third-party resources that provide leveling and boosting services.

Where to order boosting?

If a player doesn’t have the time or just cannot earn marks of excellence on his own, he can turn to the service for help. The site guarantees high-quality execution of the service, since professional players who can control any tank are responsible for the execution of your order.