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Marks of Excellence

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How to order marks of excellence?

Doing your utmost in the World of Tanks game, but still can’t get the desired marks of excellence WoT? Save your time and efforts by contacting boosting service, a one-stop provider of online gaming boosting services. A user-friendly interface will help you place an order in mere seconds, and our seasoned WoT professional will immediately proceed with the execution of your order.

By the indicated date, the client will receive the long-awaited mark of excellence on their tank as surely as a well-boosted account whose statistics will strike even veteran players of WoT.

Barrel marks are respected and admired in World of Tanks because they show off the prowess and experience of a tanker in the game. Each player strives to win, at least, one mark on their military vehicle to impress (and, surely, demoralize) other tank-men during a battle.

What are gun marks given for?

You can get a mark of excellence for a splendid performance during the game. In World of Tanks, barrel marks are given only for the ace tanks which were utterly useful in battles. Inflicted damage, assistance in destroying enemies, and a quantity of “catches” during a game are the basic parameters of marks of excellence. The amount of marks varies from one to three.

  • One gun mark is given to top 35% gamers;
  • Two gun marks are given to top 15% gamers;
  • Three gun marks are awarded only to the top 5% gamers with a superb performance in fights.

Once obtained, the mastery marks remain on the vehicle barrel forever and can’t be withdrawn.

Ways to earn marks of excellence

A tanker has to spend a lot of time and effort to receive marks on a tank barrel because it is necessary to get in the TOP of players. However, there are some ways which can simplify this problem:

  • A player may select such a military vehicle for the game which they operate excellently – this will increase the chances to inflict heavy damage.
  • A player may go for a battle with friends: joint actions will help achieve the desired result.
  • A player can splurge on boosting the crew’s skills and buying new equipment.

A gamer should do everything possible to step up the power of their fighting unit, and only after that, they will be able to get into the list of top players of WoT.

Duration - from 20 battles per day

What happens when ordering “marks of excellence” boosting?

  • Average damage: from 3500 to 6000 (depending on tier)
  • Performance rating: from 1800 to 3500 ER
  • WN8 rating: from 3500 to 7000 WN8
  • Average experience: from 900 to 1600 experience
  • Win rate: from 55% to 85% victories

You get as a bonus

  • Improved statistics (% of victories, average damage, xTE and WN8)
  • Overall experience on the tank boosted
  • Medals and achievements
  • Crew leveling
  • Often finishing personal missions
  • 100% getting the “Ace Tanker” badge

Conditions for bundle "Marks of Excellence"

  • The presence of credits (30-50 fights - 1 000 000 credits) 
  • The presence of 100 gold (for changing additional equipment)
  • The ability to install additional equipment (chosen by our staff)
  • You must have a premium account active
  • Ability to retrain the crew (some crew members might be retrained by our staff)
  • The tank must be fully researched with all top modules installed
  • During the duration of the contract you cannot use the tank on which we are boosting marks of excellence 
  • For some tanks specific conditions apply
Tanks with increased difficulty level
Super Conqueror, WZ-111-5А, WZ-111 1-4, Obj. 260, M48A5 Patton, Obj.  430У, Obj. 268/4, Т22ср, Obj. 277, Global Map reward tanks