Marks of excellence

For good players, WoT provides marks of excellence on the guns, which are considered a mark of skilled player. The more marks of excellence will be on the tank, the more experienced the owner.

What it are marks of excellence?

The number of marks of excellence WoT varies from one to three. Getting at least one is not an easy task, so the more, the more they are valued. 

When a mark of class is assigned to a tank, it is assigned to a particular tank and is indefinite. Marks of excellence World of Tanks are visible to both allies and enemies. The player can disable this option in game settings.

How are marks of excellence issued?

There is a principle according to which marks of excellence WoT are assigned:

  • One mark of excellence  is assigned to tanks whose owners are in 35% of the best players;
  • Two marks of excellence - 15%;
  • Three marks of excellence - 5% of users.

Depending on the tank nation and type, marks of excellence have individual design.

Where to get a boost for marks of excellence?

To order this service, a person can contact the service, whose employees have experience in the implementation of such orders. The player only needs to fill out a form on the site and mark the parameters of interest.

Along with the marks of excellence, account statistics WoT will take on the proper form. Since this procedure involves causing great damage and killing enemies, many parameters will go up. As a result, the client will receive marks of excellence and boosted account statistics.