Twitch Prime bundle activation World of Tanks

Why do you need it

Twitch for years has been a top streaming service, especially for amers. After Twitch was acquired by Amazon, a new type of bundles was offered for paying service subscribers Amazon Prime. One of the many gaming companies that are in this program is Wargaming.

Thanks to this Twitch specific program, Prime subscribers can now connect their Wargaming account to Twitch and get very nice in game gifts. Since the service needs to be prolonged every 30 days, every new month the owner of a Twitch Prime account will get new gifts.

In this way, Twitch Prime subscribers are getting additional options within the streaming platform and in game items.

Twitch Prime Perks

Every month World of Tanks developers are giving away different bundels. Since the bundels are very diverse, we can only summarize what was offered so far and give you a list what you can expect in the future:

  • 14 day rental of premium tanks;
  • Huge amounts of consumables: automatic fire extinguisher, large first med kit, large repair kit, etc.;
  • External tank customization: camo, paint, decals, emblems, inscriptions, etc.;
  • Free premium account time;
  • XP multiplier for several battles;
  • Additional Personal Missions.

Perks and gifts are received after logging into the game, of course all this is done when your Twitch Prime is active.

Order Twitch Prime Activation for World of Tanks