Boosting statistics

Boosting statistics

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Where to order WoT stats boosting ?

If a player is interested in boosting his World of Tanks statistics for money , he can contact us. Our company employs professionals who can boost anything stats related. The client will need to pay for the order and select the necessary parameters, and then wait for the service to be completed.

Boosting statistics for money in WoT ensures that in a week a person will receive his account with stats that will impress even experienced gamers.

Players monitor account settings and carefully select tanks to raise statistics in order to show off to friends a high percentage of victories and other statistical data.

The higher the numbers in service records, the more valuable the account is. Raising statistics in World of Tanks - a complex process that requires high skill. There are tanks that can help solve the problem and earn great stats for the account.

Duration - from 30 battles per day

What happens when ordering “Stats Boosting”?

  • Win rate: on average from 60% and above
  • Performance rating: from 1600 and above
  • Average damage: from 3,000 to 5,000 (depending on the LVL of the tank)
  • WN8 per session: 3,500 - 5,000
  • When ordering a large number of fights on one tank, "Ace Tanker" and "3 marks of excellence" are guaranteed (there are exceptions for complex tanks)

You get a bonus

  • Improvement of statistics (% of victories, average damage, xTE and WN8)
  • Experience on the tank
  • Marks of Excellence
  • Medals and achievements
  • Leveling the crew
  • We often perform Ace Tankers and Personal Missions

Conditions for the implementation of the service "Stats Boosting"

  • The presence of credits (50 fights - 1 000 000 +/- silver)
  • The presence of 100 gold (for changing additional equipment)
  • The ability to install three additional equipment if our staff needs it.
  • You must have a premium account active
  • Ability to retrain the crew if needed by our staff
  • Tank or tanks must be in the top configuration
  • During the order you do not play on custom equipment
The most relevant tanks for raising statistics
  • Tier 8 - ИС-3, Об.416, Pershing , Caernarvon, T44-100, Т-44, WZ-132, Progetto 46, M 41 90, EBR 75, Somua SM, Защитник, Lorraine 40 t
  • Tier 9 - Е50, M46 Patton, WZ 111-1-4, T-10, Conqueror, Т55а, Skoda T 50, Все ЛТ 9 уровня, Tortoise, Standard B, АМХ М4 51
  • Tier 10 - ИС-7, 140, 907, 430У, WZ 111 5A, АМХ 50Б, 277, S.Conqueror, TVP T 50/51, Kranvagn, T57 Heavy
The most relevant tanks for raising statistics

Boosting statistics means increasing the statistical data in the “Achievements and Service Record” menu section. The main subsection is the Summary, which provides the following data::

  • Hit percentage: the ratio of shots that hit the enemy to the total number of shots fired;
  • The number of battles;
  • Average damage per battle;
  • Wins: the ratio of matches won to the number of all rounds is considered one of the important indicators when boosting WoT statistics, since when evaluating an account, most gamers look at it first;
  • Personal rating;
  • Average experience per battle;
  • Maximum experience per battle;
  • The largest number kills;
  • Mastery Badges;
  • Section “Significant rewards”, which displays the most valuable of the received;
  • Progress bars with the nearest achievements..

When boosting statistics in WoT, each gamer prioritizes certain parameters for himself, but with a good game, they all increase evenly.

XVM efficiency

It is a number showing the totality of useful actions for the battle. When calculating it, average damage, spotting, capture, capture reset, frags, etc. are taken into account. For most gamers, the efficiency is in the range from 900 to 1200. In the game, XVM is not displayed, but there are sites that help to calculate it. And when people order statistics boosting services in WoT, they ask that special attention is payed to this ratio.

Even if the account has a high percentage of victories, it is far from the fact that the owner is a good player. Efficiency helps to find out what is the true merit of the gamer in the achievements of the team.

Tanks for leveling

Depending on which indicator you plan to increase, certain tanks are used which are most suitable for a specific task. Therefore, the best tanks for boosting statistics are selected personally taking into account game style and achievement needed.

For example, to increase the average damage, FV215b, which has one of the most powerful guns, is suitable. In skilled hands, for one shot, you can reduce the health of the enemy by 1300-1700 units. And for accuracy it is better to take the German E50, which accurately shoots at long distances.

But there are such tanks that are suitable for all scenarios:

  • Tier 8: ИС-3, Т44-100 (P);
  • Tier 9: M46 Patton, Conqueror;
  • Tier 10: ИС-7, 907, AMX 50B.

These tanks will help you to achieve the desired result.