Premium account for credit farming

Prior to the transition to the tier 7-8, the player does not experience problems with a lack of in game currency, quickly opening up new combat units and still having credits to buy whatever he needs. However, the more you get closer tier 10, even victorious battles often turn out to be unprofitable. Because of this, many begin guying premium accounts for easier credit farming. But choosing a suitable tank is not easy.

Premium Tanks

In WoT there are premium tanks that help you to earn more credits during the battle, as they bring 50% more resources. Such tanks are bought only for gold and are range from tier 2 to tier 8. The game is designed in such a way that for successful battles players receives more money and experience. However, premium as a credit farming tool also requires a skillful player which will deliver damage, frags and spotting/assist.

A main feature of such tanks is that they have no modules for research and from the start they allow you use all XP towards crew training. No need to study additional modules, the stock configuration is considered optimal.

Choosing a good premium tank for farming credits is crucial, choose based on tank type preferences, game style and nationality.

The most profitable premium tanks

World of Tanks provides a choice of hundreds of premium tanks that can satisfy almost any user taste. However, certain models may not be suitable for the game: some are designed for defense, others are a “in your face” and a frontal attack types, others must shoot with maximum accuracy due to low penetration. Therefore, for a credit farm, a premium tank must be carefully selected.

Among experienced gamers, the following tanks are most popular:

  • КВ-5: strong armor that helps when playing against 9-10 levels, rate of fire helps in duels;
  • Lowe: 400m visibility and powerful gun help to get thousands of damage per battle;
  • Type 59: thick armor, maneuverability and a piercing gun in the hands of a skilled gamer will allow you to get a lot of resources;
  • FCM 50t: cheap shells, long viewing range and rate of fire;
  • Rheinmetall Skorpion G: high penetration helps to destroy even the super armored tier 10 tanks.

The best tactics for making money

When purchasing anything for real money you need to approach this matter with reason. Numerous reviews on the Internet telling about the parameters and gameplay features will help you choose the best premium tank for credit farming.

During the battle, the player must be careful. Going into battle in a tier 8 premium tank, a match maker will most likely put you in a tier 10 battle. In this case, the player should stay calm, hide behind the "bigger" comrades, aiming at the weak spots, waiting for his safe chance to shoot.

Also, if a player chooses for himself the best premium tank for farming credits, he will be able to kill tanks of his own tier without any problems when he encounters it one on one.

Order credit farming (with premium account)

If a player wants a lot of money for his account, but does not want to waste time, he is better off turning to for help. Tankers working on the project will earn the right amount of currency without any problems, while simultaneously boosting your statistics. The customer will need to provide premium tanks for credit farming and wait for the service to be completed.

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