Front Line 2019 boosting

Front Line Rules

The Front Line 2019 consists of seasons that last for a week. The mode will be available from February to November. Each month, developers will turn it on for seven days, after which a cooldown period is active.

This mode is one of the most interesting in WoT both in gameplay and structural terms. The gameplay in Front Line is divided into matches, in which 60 players participate, divided into two teams. One team acts as an attacker, the other team as a defender.

The battle takes place on a large map with an area of nine square kilometers. It is divided into three lines. The first two consist of three equal squares with bases, the last are five combat pillboxes.

To win, attackers must destroy at least three bunkers before the time of the match is over. Initially, only the first line will be available. Capturing bases, attackers will open access to the next line, and then they will get the opportunity to drive to the bunkers. Initially, the match lasts 12 minutes, and after each capture time will increase. Defenders need to restrain the enemy, not allowing him to capture points, so as not to lose the pillboxes. If they hold out before the match time expires, they will win.

In the event of death, the player can be reborn at a respawn point by choosing another tank. After a certain period of time, tanks and lives will be restored.

Front Line Features

In addition to the general rules, we decide to point up several features:

  • Only tanks of the 8th level can participate in battles;
  • During the battle, gamers can activate combat reserves;
  • The opportunity to win unique rewards;
  • Unique system of tiers and ranks;
  • A chance to rent premium tanks specifically for the Front Line;
  • Valuable rewards for leveling up
  • On the maps there are recovery circles in which you can fix the tank;
  • Reset of base being captured can only be done via enemy tank destruction;
  • No friendly fire in the mod;
  • Ranking system working in battle.


Based on the results of the completed battle, the gamer can receive certain rewards. Some of them are affected by the level of the Front Line on the account, as well as the number of degrees of valor and rank. As you participate in the games, you will earn the experience that is spent on leveling. Depending on the level value, the gamer will receive an additional increase to the experience gained. The maximum number of levels is 30. When switching to a new level, a player receives a certain reward, including: credits, consumables, reserves, skills.

Upon reaching the maximum level, you can reset the counter, and then the account will be assigned a +1 degree of valor. Their number on the account cannot exceed the value, which is two more than the number of the current season. For example, during the fourth season, an account can have no more than six degrees of valor. For their increase, the player will receive more valuable rewards than for levels: gold, bonds, rewards, points of valor. Valor is accumulated in a separate account, and when a certain value is reached, they allow you to get one of the following premium tanks for free:

  • STA-2 (6 Valor Points). A tier 8 universal medium tank that is good as support to an ally's main forces. It has good damage per minute, as well as good mobility.
  • WZ-111 (10 Valor Points). A heavy tank, tier8, which boasts good durability and good weapons. Ideal for holding defense and assaulting tactically advantageous positions.
  • Emil 1951 (12 Valor Points). The value of the tank lies in the fact that it can only be obtained thru Front Line. Currently not available for purchase at the regular WoT store.
  • Secret Tank (15 Valor Points). This machine belongs to the ninth level and is strictly classified by the developers. It is not yet known which tank will be awarded as a reward, perhaps this is a completely new model.

Also, for matches held, players will receive experience, credits and bonuses. Their value depends on successful actions, as well as on the rank won. At the beginning of the round, all its participants have the rank of “Private”. Dealing damage, capturing / protecting bases and performing other useful actions, your rank will grow. There are six titles in all, the maximum is General. The stronger the tanker progresses in service, the greater is the multiplier of his reward based on the results of the battle. The developers also promise to introduce a reward balancing system that will not allow participants to go into a deep credit minus, even they will have to spend money on repairing several tanks and replenishing consumables for them.

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