Ranked battles 2020-2021. Second Season

Ranked battles 2020-2021. Second Season


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Dear customer, when ordering Golden League grind, you do this at your own risk!

  • From our side everything will be done as accurately and safely as possible, but there is no 100% guarantee. 
  • The list of players in the Golden League is checked by developers and the accounts that fall under suspicion will be deleted (from the list).
  • An order is considered completed upon entering the Golden League (or getting into the TOP1000 players), not at the end of the season or after receiving awards.
  • Players with very poor statistics are not advised to order Golden League grinding, as this attracts unwanted attention.
  • If at the end of the season your account was “banned” and removed from the list of the Golden League, no complaints will be accepted! We can NOT influence the actions of Wargaming.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards, kolobanov.pro team.

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Where to order Ranked Battles grind

If an experienced player in World of Tanks wants to test his strength, then he goes to fight in Ranked Battles, where he can not only meet the best of the best, but also compete for valuable prizes. Very soon, the third season of this mode will begin in WoT, which will allow you to take part in new events prepared by the developers.

If a player wants to buy a Ranked Battles grinding, then he can contact us for the provision of this service. We have professional tankers who are guaranteed to cope with any task.

When placing the order, the client must choose certain parameters, depending on the desired result. Our experienced staff will immediately begin execution, guaranteed to pass the season and take a position in the league. As a bonus, the customer will receive improved statistics, a lot of valuable resources and successfully completed Ranked Battles Season.

IMPORTANT! If you want to receive  Maximum Rewards, 
you need to order "Grinding all divisions with Golden League position"

Conditions for the "Ranked battles 2020-2021. First Season" grinding

  • The presence of credits
  • The presence of 100 gold (for changing additional equipment)
  • The ability to install 3 additional equipment (if needed by our staff)
  • You must have an active premium account
  • The ability to retrain the crew (if needed by our staff)
The essence of ranked battles

his mode is selected in the battle selector as a separate gaming option. Ranked Battles work on a schedule. Once in the battle, the team must win battles. This requires either to kill all enemies on the map or to capture enemy base.As they participate in battles, players grind their rank up. By default, this parameter is zero, and changes as you participate in battles. If a player wins a battle and took one of the first positions in the experience earned, he will be assigned a chevron. Having accumulated a certain number of chevrons, he increases his rank. However, in the event of a loss, he risks not earning, but losing existing points, lowering the rank.Throughout the season, a general rating of players is kept, where their points are recorded. According to this parameter, leagues are composed in which the most successful tankers are then placed. The higher the league, the more valuable the rewards will be.

Features of the mode

In addition to the fact that in Ranked Battles players take part in battles and earn chevrons, this mode has a number of certain features:

  • Two teams of 15 by 15 participate in the battle;
  • In the mode, only tier 10 tanks are allowed;
  • With the winning of a certain number of chevrons, the rank becomes irrevocable;
  • For each new rank the player receives a unique reward;
  • During the match, in the list of teams, each player displays his rank;
  • In Ranked Battles it is impossible to create platoons with allies;
  • The seasons are divided into stages and after the end of each stage, the gathered rank is reset.
Ranked Rewards

As a bonus, tankers receive valuable rewards when they reach a new rank. As a rule, the list of rewards can be viewed in a separate menu, which is opened by clicking on the chevrons in the hangar.It is important to note that if a player has earned a certain rank, then lost it and returned it again, the reward will not be issued again. Various game resources are presented as rewards, for example, reserves, credits, gold, hangar slots, consumables, etc.

Main Award

Main Award Ranked Battles 2020-2021

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