Referral program 2.0

What is Referral Program 2.0

Referral Program 2.0 in World of Tanks – a system, allowing a player to invite recruits (new players) and becoming their commander. Together with your recruit you will be gathering points, these points will be accredited for finishing certain in game tasks, you can finish these tasks alone or together.

Referral boosting is separated into 3 stages: after gathering 500 points, you will get rewards and move to the next stage. This way, to finish referral program, you will need in total 1500 points.

How to participate

To participate in Referral Program 2.0, a player who is wishing to be a commander must enter a in game section “Referral Program” (lower left side of the hangar) and generate a link for his recruits. You can also generate a social media link and share it.

When the link is created, you can send it to your recruit. The recruit will follow the link to a corresponding World of Tanks web page; there he will accept you as his commander. Note that some criteria must be met for participation in the Referral Program.


  • Have less than 200 battles or inactive accounts (more than 60 days);
  • No participation in the Referral Program so far;
  • Account cannot be blocked (banned, etc.).
  • For a commander there is only one criteria: have more than 1000 battles in total.

After both parties have agreed to participate a new window will be displayed in the hangar with all info on the progress of the referral program.

Missions for Referral Program 2.0

In order to accumulate referral points and receive rewards, you need to perform various tasks based on participation in the battles. Moreover, recruits can perform single tasks separately from the commander. It is worth noting that thanks to single tasks, a recruit can independently complete a referral program. And the commander, on the contrary, cannot independently go solo, he can help in the execution when playing in a platoon with a recruit. After completing each task, a certain number of points will be credited to the overall standings.

Single tasks:

  • Victory in battle (2 points);
  • Inflict/spot damage more than the HP of your own tank (2 points);
  • Get an Epic achievement or award from the “Battle Hero” section (10 points) per battle.

Tasks for a platoon’s:

  • The platoon must inflict more than 3000 HP damage to the enemy team (5 points);
  • A platoon must play five battles in a row (15 points);
  • get a platoon medal in a battle (20 points).

After each battle, the game analyzes the progress of the players and calculates the total number of points in the overall standings. Moreover, platoon battles have certain specific features: the commander receives a bonus experience and credits (+50% more), and the recruit receives an additional 100% of the earned resources.


The further referral players advance, the more valuable rewards they will receive. For the first stage, 300 bonuses, a unique medal and a unique inscription are credited to the accounts. When passing the second stage they will receive 450 bonds, camouflage and a medal. When the third stage is completed, the players receive 750 bonds, a medal, an emblem, a camo style, as well as one of the proposed premium tanks. The recruit receives Tier VI or VII vehicles, and the commander receives Tier VIII vehicles, and 100% trained crew is already in the tanks.

Reward tanks for recruits:

  • Tiger 131 (heavy tank, Germany);
  • Sherman VC Firefly (medium tank, Great Britain);
  • Dicker Max (tank destroyer, Germany);
  • KV-122 (heavy tank, USSR);
  • Panther/M10 (medium tank, Germany).

Reward tanks for recruits:

  • AMX M4 mle. 49 (heavy tank, France);
  • Pak 43 Jagdtiger (tank destroyer, Germany);
  • Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71 (medium tank, Germany);
  • T92 (light tank, USA);
  • FV4202 (medium tank, Great Britain).

If a player does not want to pick up premium tanks (he maybe has them already), he can receive compensation in the amount of 1.9 million credits for a recruit and 3.4 million for a commander.