Tanks: Skilled Crew

Experienced players know how crew experience affects the behavior of tanks in a battle. Trained fighters are crucial for successful battle. Some do not take into account the importance of this parameter, thinking in vain that in the midst of military battles you can feel confident with 50% soldiers. Also, experience in World of Tanks World of Tanks can be directed to skills that can help out in a difficult situation in the middle of a battle.

Why do you need an experienced tank crew?

Experience in the game World Of Tanks should be “invested” into several directions at once, and the main thing is to unlock equipment and modules. But each combat unit is controlled by a certain number of soldiers having individual parameters that can be improved. For this why we got For this why we got. This resource is measured as a percentage, and the higher it is for a particular fighter, the better the characteristics he will have and he will be in a position to use the tank better. For example, for a driver who is on a 85% crew skill, the tank will accelerate faster than a tank with 50% trained driver.

Upon reaching 100%, the possibility to study skills and perks is unlocked. Each skill gives a certain effect. In WoT the crew’s experience and the right skills are crucial if you want to dominate your enemy’s and emerge victorious in any battle.

How to earn XP?

If a player decided to invest your XP into your crew, then he you use the following methods:

  • If a player decided to invest your XP into your crew, then he you use the following methods;
  • If a player decided to invest your XP into your crew, then he you use the following methods;
  • If the account has a lot of free experience, this can be redirected to your crew members;
  • acquire and activate personal reserves consumables aimed at increasing XP calculation;
  • It is better in WoT to grind experience WoT to grind experience.

Crew Training boosting

This option helps to direct experience from elite tanks (tanks that have no more modules to research) to crew. After activation, all XP per battle is spent only on crew training. This helps to increase crew experience faster, making them more effective in battle.

Where to order crew training and boosting?

If a person cannot play dozens of battles every day to achieve the desired result, he can resort to outside help to boost experience in World of Tanks

An ideal solution would be our service kolobanov.pro, which provides services for boosting accounts in the game. Professional players are able to work on the site, capable of achieving the desired result in a short period of time and showing a detailed report on the actions taken. You will need to specify the desired tanks and highlight the options of interest. While our staff will earn XP for the tanks, the crew will also be boosted.

For a reasonable price you will get account boosting for Worl Of Tanks, after which your crew will be ready to challenge any enemy and be victorious.