Ace Tanker Badge grinding

Ace Tanker Badge grinding

Available Options

Value Price Qty
Tier 5 (HT, MT, LT, TD) $11
Tier 5 (SPG) $12
Tier 6 (HT, MT, LT, TD) $11
Tier 6 (SPG) $12
Tier 7 (HT, MT, LT, TD) $13
Tier 7 (SPG) $18
Tier 8 (HT, MT, LT, TD) $13
Tier 8 (SPG) $21
Tier 9 (HT, MT, LT, TD) $20
Tier 9 (SPG) $23
Tier 10 (HT, MT, LT, TD, except for complex tanks) $23
Tier 10 (SPG) $32
Value Price Qty
Tier 10 (Obj. 277) $27
Tier 10 (Obj. 907) $36
Tier 10 (Vk72.01) $37
Tier 10 (Т95Е6) $33
Tier 10 (Т22 ср.) $32
Tier 10 (М60) $34
Tier 10 (121В) $32
Tier 10 (Obj. 260) $29
Tier 10 (WZ 111 5A) $31
Tier 10 (Obj. 430У) $30
Tier 10 (Obj. 268/4) $29
Tier 10 (T95/FV4201 Chieftain) $49
Tier 10 (Obj. 705) $29
Tier 10 (Super Conqueror) $29
Tier 10 (STRV 103B) $29
Tier 10 (Progetto) $36
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We will help you get “Ace Tanker" badge

Where to order “Ace Tanker" badge grinding?

If a player cannot get his Ace Tanker on some tank, you can contact the boost service and order our "Ace Tanker" grinding service. Filling out the form, selecting a tank and paying for the order, he will need to wait until the procedure is completed, after which the long awaited letter “M” will appear on his tank.

In the "Our references" section, the client can see testimonials from our clients.

People who play World of Tanks daily and have thousands of battles behind them dream of taking the Ace Tanker badge Wot to prove to the rest their high skill. The badge is very important in the achievements section of any account, allowing the owner to receive universal recognition.

What does it mean?

Many people think how to get “Ace Tanker” badge, but do not understand the meaning of the achievement, implying a different meaning under it.

This badge, along with the rest, appeared in the game with the 7.2 update and is intended to encourage active and skillful gamers. Rewards are issued for a specific tank and their level is skill dependent.

“Ace Tanker” can be obtained only by 1% of players, you must have more experience than the rest of the server population for the past 7 days. Therefore, if a player wants to get Ace Tanker badge in World of Tanks, he must prepare for a busy week, during which he needs to conduct as many successful battles as possible.

How is the badge earned?

Determining the percentage of users who will receive a mark is determined by a certain system. If a person understands how this system works, he will have no problems getting his Ace Tanker badge.

  • Achievement is issued to 1% of players with the best performance on a specific tank during a one week period;
  • Experience is calculated without taking into account premium bonuses and first victory of the day bonus;
  • If the account holder had a class badge of a lower rank, then after the Ace Tanker is received, it is replaced by an emblem with the letter “M”;
  • The reward cannot be lost or transferred to another tanks, it is earned only once.
Replay of the battle in which the Ace Tanker was achieved - free
Duration: 1-4 days (depending on the tank)

What happens when ordering the “Ace Tanker” grinding?

  • Win rate: from 55% to 90% of victories.
  • Efficiency rating: from 1800 to 2900 PR
  • Average damage: from 1500 to 5000 (depending on tank tier)
  • Average experience : from 900 to 1500

Conditions for “Ace Tanker” grind

  • A sufficient amount of credits
  • The presence of 100 gold (for changing additional equipment)
  • The ability to install additional equipment (chosen by our staff)
  • You must have a premium account active
  • Ability to retrain crew (chosen by our staff)
  • The tank must be in its top configuration
  • During the grinding period you cannot play on that tank
  • Good crew